VAERS data suggests 17,128 deaths due to COVID vaccine

As at 15 October 2021 the OPEN VAERS website suggests that in the USA 17,128 deaths possibly due to COVID vaccine have occurred. 83,412 people have been hospitalised after the got the vaccine. 2631 miscarriages appeared to have resulted. 8408 heart attacks appeared to have occurred. Other statistics can be found below.

Never before has their been a medicine with such severe negative health consequences which has remained in continued use. Other medicines have been pulled from the market when their were 600 VAERS reports. Now, people would say these deaths and adverse health events pale into insignificance when we consider how many have died from the vaccine. So, it seems the deaths and adverse health impacts are the cost that those people pay to save the lives of those not adversely affected by the vaccine as yet.

But the correct proposition should be if the vaccine has only given to the old and sick and not to everyone else (such as women seeking to get pregnant or who are pregnant) then its highly likely the death rate would be much, much lower but also these people who have had adverse health events or died from the vaccine would not have had to endure these consequences.

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