UK double vaxed contracting COVID more and more of them are dying, than the unvaccinated

UK Government data shows for most age groups the vaccinated are contracting COVID more than the unvaccinated. In the UK the vaccinated far outnumber the vaccinated. The same UK data shows that more vaccinated people are dying from COVID than unvaccinated which goes very much against the narrative that the unvaccinated are the ones who will overload the hospital system now that so much of the population are vaccinated (1).

“Based on antibody testing of blood donors, 98.0% of the adult population now have antibodies to COVID-19 from either infection or vaccination compared to 19.0% that have antibodies from infection alone. Over 96% of adults aged 17 or older have antibodies from either infection or vaccination.

Vaccine coverage tells us about the proportion of the population that have received 1 and 2 doses of COVID-19 vaccines. By 3 October 2021, the overall vaccine uptake in England for dose 1 was 65.3% and 60.1% for dose 2. In line with the programme rollout, coverage is highest in the oldest age groups”. (2)




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