We need to stop the globalist ambition to replace democracy with Fascism


Globalists seek to break down nations and nationalism so as to create massive wealth through the exploitation of citizens in both poor and first world countries.

Globalists do not seek the utopia of communism for the common good of the masses. They do not seek utopia for anyone but their cabal. The rest of humanity will be slaves. Communism and its precursor socialism, are the tools the globalists will use to rid the world of democracy and institute a powerful cabal of super-rich elites who will live like kings whilst we suffer in squalor.


The fascists were well on their way to using climate change to break down democracies, capitalism, freedom, private ownership and commerce.

However, Donald J. Trump (DJT) rose and stood alone in front of the working class and the exploited in the USA and not only identified the deep state but challenged its hegemony.

This was an unprecedented threat to the globalists and ultra-marxists and so they released the fake russian dossier, the ironic antifa anti-fascists (sponsored by the fascists) and of course COVID. They topped this off with a massively rigged USA election across 50 states.

COVID brought down DJT and now the cabal are re-aligning the world back to their goal of total systemic revolution for the purposes of creating the super -wealthy, the super elite.


The globalists are fascists. They seek ultimate power. Without any question COVID which began as a short term planned health crisis in conjunction with the Chinese Government morphed into lockdowns, forced vaccinations, control or free movement, free speech, association, and free press. They began with fear and when they saw it was effective at controlling the population and withdrawing their freedoms they continued much further towards their goal of a fascist state than they had envisaged.

We know the main stream media is not just complicit but an active participant in the machinations of the fascists. They have enabled their lies, the silencing of diverse opinions, the questions of decisions and governors, prime-ministers and premiers. We know that all networks apart from a very few are complicit for their owners are part of the globalist cabal.


The globalists are using the ideology and methodology of communism to dissemble society component by component. An essential element of society if faith in God. By removing God, people become lost and seek the shelter and protection of leaders. In COVID times, the absence of God in the hearts of 3/4 of the population have led them to place their faith in their leaders. They follow the high priests who worship the false God, the golden calf. The follow their leaders as once 100 years ago people followed their faith.

By demanding religious schools tolerate and in some cases encourage homosexuality amongst impressionable minds they disassemble faith. Faith leaders live in fear and have lost faith themselves. They do not preach the faith of the Bible. Only the muslim faith adheres to its edicts on homosexuality.


Critical to breaking the bonds which hold society together and thus allowing for a new society to form under the globalist cabal’s direction is the disassembly of the nuclear family. Firstly by invalidating the uniqueness and specialness of heterosexual marriage and then by removing the right of parents to determine what their children are educated about, who educates their children and by threatening and dethroning a family’s right to an income and thus independence (Covid vaccination mandates) the family becomes enslaved to the cabal state.

Family is the foundation of society. When families are isolated from their faith and God, their community is fragmented, and where silence is enforced upon the dissenters else they risk they livelihood then family is severely weakened.


Education is a critical component of the Marxist philosophy for controlling and rebuilding society. By ensuring all young people from the youngest age are taught to disrespect the views of their parents, when they are taught to hate their own history, when they are given an unbalanced and unreasoned view of society and their country’s past, then the foundations are laid in their minds for a new globalist truth. The youngest fear the planet will die in 10 years, they worship in absolute terms the voices of the leaders. They follow the instructions to not spread Covid, a virus that kills 0.01% of the people who get it and even then that is a number largely driven by the existence of comorbidities of the stricken.

Education is key. Family is key to maintaining the family leader’s control over the minds of the family members to ensure they are balanced and informed and sceptical.

Absolute power corrupts and even those leaders who utter their adherence to freedom and democracy actually relish the power over the masses.

Freedom is taken for granted, until those with power rid you of it forever and then your soul rots knowing what you once had is now lost.
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