Vaccine Deaths

COVID vaccines alleged deaths – Australian TGA

As at 16/10/2021 there have been 204 deaths from Pfizer, 353 deaths from Astrazeneca in Australia to date. That’s 557 people reported by medical professionals to the TGA as having died due to these vaccines. Why is there no discussion in main stream media about this? Is there a reason why politicians are telling us to vaccinate our children to protect adults and Grannie, whilst saying nothing about the 554 deaths let alone all the other serious adverse reactions reportedly occurring from these two vaccines?

A selection of data sourced from the public TGA data on 16/10/21 is shown below. This data is categorised and identified against the specific vaccines. The TGA website states – “An adverse event report does not mean that the medicine is the cause (// of the adverse event.”

Vaccine TypeMedDRA system organ classnumber of casesnumber of cases with a single suspected medicinenumber of cases where death was a reported outcome
PfizerNervous System Disorders737572696
Musculosketal and connective tissue disorders500549430
Nervous system disorders398139576
thoracic and
AstraZeneca Nervous System Disorders 124951237717
General disorders and administration site conditions5223517610
Respiratory, thoracic and mediastinal disorders1606157928
General disorders and administration site conditions (malaise)1536152415
General disorders and administration site conditions (chest) 1125110312
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