Vaccinating everyone is pointless

“If you want to lower hospitalisations and deaths, in other words, the difference between vaccinating 40% of your population and 80% of your population is not nearly as great as it seems. In fact, as you move to ever lower-risk cohorts, the volume of vaccinations required to reduce deaths grows in inverse proportion to the deaths you are reducing. This is the phenomenon of diminishing returns. It means that if you have vaccinated all the olds and sicks and an additional 50% or 70% of everyone, AND you are still suffering from a raging pandemic of the unvaccinated, there are probably not enough immunologically naive people left {willing to be vaccinated} to give you a hope of vaccinating your way out.”

The further argument against trying to vaccinate everyone else besides the old and sick is COVID does not affect almost everyone else with anything more serious that fly symptoms. American studies show that very very few people of the hundreds of thousands who have died in the USA did NOT have comorbidities.

The best proof that 99.99% of people who get COVID will not die is demonstrated by the case rates vs deaths. Here is some data to support this.

CountryConfirmed CasesDeaths Case Fatality Double Vaccination Rate (22/10/21)
FRANCE7,209,126118,3391.6%67.6% (google)
ISRAEL1,320,9628,0360.6%62% (google)
INDIA34,143,236453,0421.3%21.3% (google)
THAILAND1,821,57918,5591.0%37.9% (google)
AUSTRALIA154,4891,6111.0%59% (google)
Source: (last updated 22/10/21). Note – data did not discriminate as to % of the population vaccinated, or split between vaccinated and unvaccinated deaths

In France 73% of COVID deaths were in those 75 years and older.

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